Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Hai, Furriends.

   It is furry windy today, and we no likes.  We iss trying to stay nappying on da beans' bed.  Not looking out da windows.  Stuff iss blowin all offur da place.

  Mom said a naybor down da street losted a whole big tree...but lucky it fell away from dere house an car! But it did break dere fence.  Mom iss nervus, cuz dere is a same kinda tree next door, and dere is a big tall old phone pole rite in our front yard.

  Dad don't fink da phone pole would fall toward our house, but mom iss nervus anyways.  I iss sleepying in dad's chair..I mean my chair...hee hee!  Mom took a pickchur.  See:

 Oh, By The Cat... we heered it was "TockTober," but mom no has any tock's pickchurs.  Mebee we should give her sum hints.   MOL!  (Oh--I just wondered...iss my pickchur for today a 'tocks' pickchur??)

  I iss going to tell mom to put da mew pickchur into da compooter now, so I kin post my bloggie for today. 

    Say, has anyone noticed dat I iss doin most of da work blogging?  Hardly any of da odder kittehs do dere share..MEW!  I fink I iss gonna go start sumpin 'bout dat rite now!

S...Jigsaw Puzzle


Baby Patches said...

Furry winds is no funs, momma says it breeze and cool where we is at. I hopes everyfing will be okay and no trees or pole comes down. I don't has any tocktober pics eithers I finks. Maybe next year.


The Island Cats said...

We hope that wind stops blowing! And Jigsaw, we think you're showing your 'tocks there...and they look pretty good!

The Creek Cats said...

Oh noes! We no like the winds, they skeer us too!
We fink that is a purrfect tocks shot of you!!!
Happy Tocktober!
Hey, do you guys ever put your blog link in Mister Linky over at the Cat Blogosphere when you do new posts???

Karen Jo said...

Strong winds are no fun at all. I hope it stops blowing soon. I think that picture would count as a 'tocks shot. I wouldn't worry about the telephone pole, but the neighbor's tree could be a problem if it is in the same condition as the one which fell. Healthy trees don't usually fall, but trees with problems can.

Anonymous said...

Deer Creek Cats:
Oh, noes...we never remembers dat we has to put da post in da Mr. Linky effurry time we puts a post. OMC!

The Kitty Krew said...

Windy doesn't sound too fun at all - we hope you don't blow away! :o That would be bad. Stay inside where it's safe, okay? And tell those other cats to get with the program and start posting too! MOL

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew