Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Hai, effurryone!

   Fanks again fur all yur kind wishes and purrs.  Mom really appreciates it.

    For effurryone dat was wishing Patches better wid her seeshurs... we iss afraid she iss as good as she gits.   She has what da beans call epawlepsy, since she wuz a kitten.  (If you missed it, you kin read her story here: ). 

 She is on medicins fur it, but she haz what da beans call 'breakthroos' about oncet or twicet a month.  Dat iss much better than when she wuz a little kit, and da beans say dey couldn't get throo efun a week widdout her hazing at least 2 seeshurs.  So, she iss 'better,' and we fanks you fur your good wishes fur her.  We will lets her know.

Now we iss getting da boot off da compooter, cuz mom sez she has 'stuffs' to do.  Beans allus gottat do 'stuffs.'  We don know why dey don just take nappys.

Bye fur now, furriends.  Fanks you for ur furriendships.





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Jan's Funny Farm said...

We're glad Patches is doing better than when she was younger. Seizures are scary to have or to watch.