Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wordy Wensdee

Hai, Furriends.

   Mom tol us to send her thanks fur all yur good wishes an suppawt.  She tinks it is furry nice dat all dese kits and their moms dat she nefur even met fur reals iss so nice to send all da good wishes.

   Dat made her feel sum better, an we gots extry cuddles, too.  'Cept she tried to cuddles Tigger an Jigsaw both at da same time, and dey no likes to share da same space.  MOL.  dey didnt know what to do... accept da cuddles or struggle to get down an git away frum each odder.  Dey iss funny boys.

    Den, in da afternoon, Patches had anodder one of her shaky-sickness things.  I lerned wat it iss.. I herd mom call it a 'seeshur.'  I tink dat was about da end of mom.  she allus gits upset when dat happens to da Patchy-cat, even wif her medicins.

   Fanks you all fur your good wishes.  We iss sticking furry close to mom now, in case she needs more fur and purr.  Hers eyes were leaky yesfurday. 

    Fanks you fur being our furriends, and furriends to our beans.

S.. Munchkin

P.S.   Jigsaw just gave dad and mom a turrible scare!  Da back door blew open, and dey wuz in da back room.  Dey came back and found da door open, and Jiggy wuz out on da porch!  He not s'posed to be out widdout his harness & leash!  Dad had a liddle trubble catchings Jigsaw, cuz he went under da chairs and wuz tryin to sneek out under da railing.  Dad gots him, tho... bad boy, Jigsaw Puzzle!



The Creek Cats said...

We are soooo sorry to hear about Patches seeshur! How scary that must have been for your mom and Patches. We are sending lots more purrs and hugs to your mom and all of you today!

The Crew said...

Yes, that's a lot of sadness. You have your work cut out for you, that's for sure. Purrs to you all.

Karen Jo said...

Oh, no! Jigsaw, you need to stay inside unless you have your harness and leash on! Give your Mom lots of purr therapy, so she can start to feeling better soon.

Victor Tabbycat said...

We cat bloggers try to help eachofur if we can. Ofur peeps don't unnerstand us like we do. But Jigsaw! Outside is NOT for kitty! Haf you seen how hi da ceilin is? It's amost too hi to see! You don't wanna be dat far frum Ceiling Cat! We's also hopin Patchy Cat is ok. We noes dat's furry ascary fur da mom.

Funny: Bonnie useda loos conshusness when her hadded a hairball! She'd start yackin, then try to stand away frum it an fall ofur! Once, she falled down da stairs. I laffed an laffed, affer I saw she was ok. She'd also look at da mess she'd made an run frum it like "Ew, who put that there?" Her was funny.

The Kitty Krew said...

Jigsaw, we know it's tempting to go outside on your own when the door opens, but you gotta be careful buddy! It's skeery out there without snoopervision. Don't go out there alone, okay?

Patches, we're sorry to hear about your seizures. We hope there's something that can be done to make them better, poor girl. We're sending purrrrrrs to you.

and we're still sending purrrrs to the mom!

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew