Monday, November 30, 2009

Back From Road Trip

Hai, Effurryone!
   Fanks you, furriends, fur stoppin by our bloggie an leavin us nice wishes fur Turkey Day.  We hopes you all had a furry nice day, too!  

Dis is Patches speakin.  I hads a wunnerful road trip.  I gots in my nice travel carrier wid a soft fluffy towel, and had a nice long nappy all the way up to what I iss told is 'grandma's house.'  Dey has a sorta big house...not quite as big as ours, but almos.

    I walked an walked an walked round and round ther house 'splorin.  I hads a purrivate litterbox and my own speshul food an water bowls wid no sharin.  But I wuz too excited to eat much.  I had a lot of nappys, too, and der were sunspots to nap in, too!  More than we haz at home!  It wuz furry nice.

   I even got to go outside on da deck wif my purrty blue harness and leash, an I gots to go on a short walk out to where da beans take der cars, an sniff sum grass.

   Twicet, I got sum turkee...dat wuz the only times I bothered to eat.  I unnerstand I wuz speshul, cuz da beans ate up da rest of da turkey, and dere wuz none to bring home. 

   Then, I gots to have anodder nice long nappy on da way home.   When I got home, and mom and dad let me out of my carrier, Jiggy an Tigger took turns goin inside an sniffin around.   Dere wuz nuffin in der but my travel towel.  MOL.

OMC  I fink Tigger, Munchkin and Jigsaw are furry mads or jealous.   Jiggy hissed at me las nite!

Well, I guess dat means all iss back to normal, now.   It wuz fun to hab an adventure, but it is also furry nice to be home agin, where I knows what to expect.




The Creek Cats said...

Patches, sounds like you had the greatest little vacation!! Glad your back home safe and sound!

The Island Cats said...

Patches, we're glad you had a nice trip! Now back to reality!

Victor Tabbycat said...

You hads quite an adventfur, Patches! I don't mind travel, but I don't noes bout leafin my home fur days an days. Mom an Dad met a kitty named Meena at sumplace called da airport; she looked like a big Nina, but wasn't howlin like Nina. Der was also a tiny woofie on my beans' last flight but she was furry brave, too.
PS affer all dat travel, I bet you needs a nap.

Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

You are SUCH a brave kitty... AND you got turkey.. om nom nom