Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursdee Thots

Der iss an uproar going on in da howse.  Da beans are moving furrnichur all around, an changin stuff.  Den, dey brot in dis TREE, an puts all sorts of stuffs on it, an 'spects us to stay away.  Iss dat fair?  We don fink dat iss furry nice!

Der iss all sorts of odder stuffs bein put all offurr da rest of da howse, too.  Mew, mew, mew!   What iss it wif dese beans?  I finks dey haz sum kind of sickness, whadda you finks?

Those two pieces of furrnichur used to be on da odder side of da room!  I will shows you da next pickchur where dey wuz before:

An dis big piece used to be where dat fireplace fake thingee iss now.  Mewf!   An I jus looked at da capshun mom haz on dat furrst pickchur of da it sez, 'before village.'  Uh, oh...whaddya s'powse dat means??!!

I will trys to keeps you posted, but like yestidee, mom nefurr even turned on her compooter..dat iss why you didn't hear furrom us yestidee.  Meoowwwl!  Hiss!



The Island Cats said...

They put all that stuff out and a tree up and they expect you not to touch any of it??? They are crazy!!!!

Glogirly and Katie said...

It's a disease alright.
And Glogirly's got it bad.

(Glogirly's cat)

Karen Jo said...

I have days where I don't turn on the computer, either. It is unreasonable to put up a tree and all that other stuff and not expect you to check it out at the very least.

The Creek Cats said...

Your tree looks beautimus!!!