Friday, November 13, 2009

Furrriday, Furrriday!!

Mom iss alllus so happy when it iss Furriday.  We no sees any diffurence one day frum anodder.  Oh--'cept Furriday iss TREATS day!  Dad gives us our treats on Furridays!  MEW MEW MEW!!  We used to get treets almost effurry day, but da white coat said no, no....too many extry caleries--whatefur those are!  So we gots cut back to jus oncet a week.  Mrowl!

You knows, I iss glad dat dad saved me, and took care of me, and I now haz a furrefur home.  But I no unnerstand why da Tigger no like me.  I iss not hurt him.  I wants to be his furriend, I wants to play.  I try to say hello, sniffy him, give him headbutts, kissy, but he run away alla time, or he hiss at me.  I only wanna be furriends.  I finks he iss a grumpy old man-cat!  He no wanna play wif me.  I wanna sit wif him in da chair, an he jump down and run off!  Only time he stays iss if mom iss there, and pet him and tell him iss ok..den Tigger stay put, but I kin still see he no like me and wanna git down. 

Da Munchkin, she chases me sumtimes, but sumtimes I chases her.  I finks she iss just playin wif me... we plays by da blue cubes...she goes inside, and paws da walls, and I stand outside an watch, an sumtimes I bats at her..den I run hide.  MOL   Sumtimes she puts da paw-bop on me, but she not so scaredy or mean hissy like da Tigger.

What kin I do, furriends?  I haz already had my 1st gotchaversary, back in what da beans call 'Febrooary.'  Dat iss a long time for Tigger to still be all stuck up.   My feelings iss hurt.

S...Jigsaw Puzzle


The Crew said...

You know, don't mind if I call you Jig, do you?...sometimes we older guys are set in our ways and it's hard for us to adjust to you youngsters who want to play all the time. Why don't you try just watching Tigger and he'll let you know if it's OK to be by him.

George (A 12.5 year old Senior Catizen)

The Creek Cats said...

We wish we had some good advice, but we don't. We can't seem to get our Maggie May and Maizy to be furriends. They like to put the smack down on each other and they have been together in the same house for over a year.

The Island Cats said...

You know,'s just like people, some like each other...some don't. We agree with the Crew, just watch Tigger and maybe someday he'll want to be friends. We hope so....