Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hai, furriends!
   Mom sez she iss gonna make sum kitty coasters.  We iss not shur what those are, but she haz a poll for you to vote on her craft bloggie today:

   We saw a pickchur, and it iss a cute kitteh kinda wid blank spots.  Mom called it a 'stensill.'  We iss gonna see if we can helps wif dat.  It looks like funs.  Mebee sum pawprints would add a bit of class, you finks?  MOL

   Mom iss not givin us much bloggie time lately.  She iss kickin us off agin now.  She sez it's da beans dinner time, then she haz her ka-ratee class agin.  Didn she jus do dat da odder nite?  Mew!

   We has no odder mews, but we wuz excited dat she iss gonna make sum kitty stuffs.  We will see you all later, furrineds!


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The Creek Cats said...

Happy Friday, furiends! We went over and voted in the poll!!