Saturday, November 14, 2009

Satidee ..Hmm

Hai, furriends..

   We haz jus learned a horrible trooth:  our beans don't really know our real birfdays!  We wuz lissinin to dem talkin, and it turns out, we all jus has what dey calls 'assined' birfdates. Mewf!

   It seems our age on our gotcha days was jus calcoolated backards, to da month dey thot we wuz borned, and then we wuz assined a day in dat month. 

   Like me, da vet said I wuz 'about 8 months old' in my gotcha month of Febrooary, so they figgerd backards, and dat wood be June, so I was assined da same birfday as Dad.

   Munchin (an Sootsie, when she wuz wif us) also had dere birfdays figgered dis way, so dey is assigned to April 15th.  Sumpin about an easy date to remember, an makin sumpin nice fur dat date.

   Tigger, I finks haz da same day as Munchie, an Patchy Cat, well she iss assined da same day as Mom and Dad's anneeversary, (whaddefur dat means)!

    Do you finks we should give dem a poor purrformance reevew fur dat?   Hmmm.... Seems kinda sneeky to cum dey not know our real birfdays.  What are we gonna tell all our odder kitty furriends?  Dis iss a terribul discuvery!

  I iss gonna go nappy an pout, now.

S...Jigsaw Puzzle


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Jan assigned all of us except Cameron and Rusty a birthday cause she doesn't know which day we were born either. We'll have to take this under advisement for her review.

The Island Cats said...

Me and Zoey have assigned purrthdays too 'cuz we don't know exactly when we were born...we only know Wally's exact purrthday...he thinks he's so special because of that....


Anonymous said...

Don't worry abowt it ~ 'cos I had an assined birfday too ('cos I was rescued and gotted from the cat rehoming centre) and it's never done me any harm. In fact I had a wonderful assined first birfday this year!

Alfie Marshall xx

Nina the Torbie said...

Oh, most of us kitties have assigned or approximate purrthdays, while the beans should remember our gotcha days. It's nothing to worry about. It means we can have big purrthdays for lots of kitties on dates that are easy to remember, like the first or 15th of the month. Victor thinks "approximately March 1" means he was born in the morning. I'm not so sure! Purrs,

Gracie said...

No, don't give the folks a bad review. They did the bestest that they could do to figure out your birthday. My mom here had to do the same thing. I think most all of us are given an assigned birthday.