Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Hai again

   Well, fanks you, furriends, fur yur reashuring comments abowt our purrthdays.  What a relief it iss to know we iss not alone, and our furriends won't be laffin at us.  We wuz so worrieds.  S.. Jigsaw

 (Tigger steps up to the keyboard)

    Hee hee... it wuz funny yestidee nite watchin Jiggy an Munchie haff a stare-down in da hallway.  Dey wuz both growlin, but speshully Munchie.  Jiggy an Munchie wuz flippin dere tails like crazy, and Munchie wuz hissin an spittin and finly she run to da bean's room, after dey got into a rassling match.

   It wuz funny to see him bother sumbudy besides me fur a change!   Mom an dad wuz jus standin there watchin the two of dem..and laffin.  I wuz watchin frum da odder end of da hallway.  MOL

   I never seed Munchie back off and turn tail before, tho.   Jiggy, he gettin to be a real brat.  Anyone want a used orange kitteh?  Cheap.  Mebee he an little Joey Cartwright Graves III would get along well togedder, and dey could hassle each odder, and dat would keep Joey out of Miss Elsie's furz.  Whadda fink?  MOL MOL  OMC...I iz too funny.



The Creek Cats said...

Hiya furiends! Our Maggie May and Maizy have lots of stare downs that end in smack downs, MOL!

Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

Munchkin could always come and live here...*innocent*


The Island Cats said...

We have enough stare downs between Wally and Zoey so we don't need anymore! But we're always up for a good wrasslin' match!


Harry Spotter said...

I don't have fur, can I still be your friend?

Victor Tabbycat said...

Bonnie was funny dat way! She'd growl an hiss at me endlessly, but if I touched her, she ran away (an I chased). It was soooo much fun! Jiggy's just hafin fun wif Munchkin. It's not hims fault if her gets upset!