Sunday, December 20, 2009

Easy Sundee???

Well, we wuz having our Sundee nappys... when allofasudden, der wuz dis awful racket.  Mom said it wuz mewsic from da bar across da hiway, but it sounded like noise to us.   Da beans went out to see, and repurrted back dat it wuz 'sum kind of Mexican' celebration, wif horses, an' live mewsic..and sum guy dad said wuz playin' sumpin called a tooba.

Well, mai goodness!  It wuz furry loud, and dat wuz da end of our nappy!  Me an Tigger got skeered, an wuz runnin all offur da howse lookin fur a hidey place.  But no matter where we went, we kin still heer it.

I guess it is gonna be okay, cuz even tho it iss furry noisy, it doesn't seem to be gittin any closer, so I guess nuffin iss coming to git us!  Iss a good thing mom and dad wuz home when da noise started, or we mite have been reely skeered, and climbed da bean's tree or sumpin.  Purrfect timing, cuz they had gone out fur a while, an had jus got home when da noise started.

Dey picked us up an gave us pets, and said it wuz ok.  I guess we trusts dem, cuz dey neffur haz hurted us, and dey gived us furefurr homes.  But we still no likes loud noises an dat kind of "mewsic."  Iss not mewsic to kitteh ears!

Mebbee if we go nappy unner da blankies on da bean's bed, da noise won't be so loud.  See yous later, furriends.  Hope you haz a nice easy Sundee.

S...Jigsaw Puzzle


Anonymous said...

You have to think of it like this: as long as you can hear them, you know where the are.

The Island Cats said...

We hope it's quiet now!! We don't like loud noises either!

Catline Crew said...

We get scared of loud noises too. We head straight for the bedrooms.

The Creek Cats said...

Oh noes! We would have been furry scared too!

Gracie =^o.o^= said...

Good that your mom and dad were home to protect you from the noise. Hope all is quiet at your place now and you can get some rest!