Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lazee Satidee

..An we don't mean us kittehs.  No, not effurr.. just coz we likes nappys does not make us lazee  Iss our typist who iss bein' lazee today.  She haz sum excuuse like 'hafta wraps gifts'  but we finks dat iss bogus.

I mean, dat can be done anytime, right?  Iss da gifts fur us kittehs?  Iff so, who needs wrappin?    We jus gonna tears it off, and we rathur jus have the stuffs.  Like nip mousies.  We luvs nip mousies.  Wrappin jus gets in da way.

If da gifts iss fur odder beans, well, same thing, rite?  Wrappin jus gets in da way.  We finks it iss a bad excuuse fur not lettin us do a proper bloggie post.

So... we iss now gonna go pout, and take extry-long nappys today.  Iss cold an gray outside wif no sunspots to lay in, we gonna go unner da blankies on da beans' bed!  MOL

Haf a furry nice day, furriends..


Catline Crew said...

Beans just feel the need to wrap things. Sometimes out mom gets lazy and buys gift bags and tissue. Keep warm.

brandi said...

Mama doesn't wrap my pressies. I got lucky.

Furkidsmom said...

Our Mom is talking about wrapping too. We wonder if she really means whapping.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids