Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We Gots Tags! Wheee!

Lookit what mom made fur us fur our gift-giving:


We liked them so much, and so did our Auntie (Kaylee's mom--you'll remember dat Kaylee iss Tigger's sisfur)...dat she mades more so lots of kittehs could hab sum.  She made sum for woofies, too!


Today wuz s'powsed to be "Toesday," but we haz no noo tosies pickchurs, an anyway, it turned out to be treats day!  We finks we likes treats better'n pickchurs anyday!

Speakin' of pickchurs, mom did not go outside an take da roof lites pickchur las nite.  She said it wuz too cold, an she did not wanna be out der freezin' her 'tocks off.  People 'tocks, dat iss... MOL

We looked in da compooter an found sum from las year.  Heer ya go:

Dis one shows da roof lites..kind of...

Dis iss da big window we likes to look outside from, but iss now blocked by all dat inside stuffs dat we s'powsed to stay out of. Mewf!

Dis iss lookin' back at da howse from da naybor's driveway.  His kitteh iss allus trespassin in our yard!

Mom can't figger out what's da matter wif dis last one.  It iss not sideways when she checks it in da Photoshop programmy, and it does not look like dat in da preview in da folder.  We sorry, but we don know how to fix it.  But dis iss da odder one dat shows da roof lites.


The Creek Cats said...

Our mom loved your new tags so much, she just had to have them!!! So cute!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Thanks for coming by and wanting to join our new Naughty Kitty Club! We are very excited for it so check back for updates soon!

I love your pictures - the lights are amazing - your mom is a lady after my own heart - I do a lot of lights too! I didn't take any pictures yet either - also to avoid the cold. But I am going to try it tonight!