Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holey Meow! Lookit This!

OMC!!  Lookit what we gots to look at outside!!   Dad sez our house can prob'ly be seen from outer space!  Dey sez der iss stuffs on da roof, too!! But we no haz pickchurs of dat!  (You is spow'sed to be able to clicky on any pickchur to see a bigger size--but fur sum reason, it's not werking fur all of dem.  You jus haz to try and see..we sorry!)


Now, as if dat iss not enuf, lookit what haz happened inside!!  I mean, it wuz bad enuf wif a tree inside dat we iss not alllowed to touch, but now lookit!  Now we sees what mom's capshun, "tree before village" wuz all about!  MEW!!   Jus lookit all this stuffs!

Dis pickchur iss frum across da room.  Next are sum close-up shots.  (Mom sez she iss sorry if sum is kinda blurry, but she wuz at a awkwerd angle an too low to floor for da tripod thingee.)

Here are da close-ups:

Now, all diss furry inneresting stuffs, we iss s'powsed to stay owt of???!!  Excuuuuuuuuuuse us, but, we are Cats! We explore!  Dat iss what we do!  How is we s'powsed to stay owt of diss stuffs? 

Furthermores, as you kin see, it iss in da ways of our getting to da window so we kin look outside at da odder stuffs out der, not to menshun birdies and odder trespassin' kittehs!

We finks we knows what dat 'bah, humbug' man meant!  Did any of yous effur see such a display of innerestin' stuffs you hadda stay owt of??!!  MEWF!

(Mom sez she iss furry sorry, but dey haz no odder place to put der Holiday Village, and sez we kin have sum extry treats.  Well, furriends, do you finks we should accept dat excuse--and bribe??)

S...Jigsaw and Munchkin


Katie and Da Katz said...

cool winter stuffoms!! Thanks for sharin!

Katie Tooz Mom

Katie and Da Katz said...

oh and Patches is furry beyootifull! and Your sweet Soot went over the bridge about the same time that my Spunky Boo Bear did.

Katie Kat

Katie and Da Katz said...

otay... I fink you shod take ta treetz and purrtends nots to get inta anyfing. cums to da Ninja Cat Meetin tanite n we show u how ta explore fings with such Ninja stealth dat no beans effur knohs...

Katie Too,
Ninja Cat in Training

The Creek Cats said...

Your place is like a true winter wonderland. It's looks great!! Our mom could never attempt putting up such a nice display at our place with 7 of us kitties ready to dismantle! Our tree is barely surviving Saylor.

Harry Spotter said...

You sure know how to celebrate Christmas. I wish I were there with you. Lots to explore, look at and play with. Thanks for the pics.

The Island Cats said...

Wow! That's quite a Christmas display! We don't know how your humans think you're not gonna want to check that out!! We'd be all over that!