Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wordy Wendsee

Hai, Furriends.

     You know, we furgot to put out mom's purrformance reeveiw in November.  We finks we goofed wif dat!  Mom iss not doin' so good.  She only lets us on the compooter late in da afternoon to write our bloggie, an iss so late, dat most furriends no sees it till da next day!  Dat is furry bad!  Minus 25 points!

   An, she an dad haz been fallin' down on da job big time wif our treats!  Sumpin about green papers, but dat sounds fishy, and we don't mean toona!  Minus 5 points!
Jiggy pulled a good one to reevenge dat one, da odder day!  Hee hee... mom passed out sum treats, and instead of eatin' dem, Jiggy pulled da blankie offur da top an buried his!  MOL  (I finks mebee dat's gonna backfire on him, tho.)

  Oh, an I got skeered bad da odder day.  I wuz trying to look out da winnow at da birdies, an I got attacked by da winnow cover!  I don' know what happened, but I... well...when I went on da winnowsill, an all of a sudden, der wuz dis horrible rattle-clatter-whoosh-SNAP-BANG! noise.  I fink I lost one of my lives, I wuz so skeert!  Mom came in an made it worse by yellin' at me.  She said,  "Munchkin!  What are yoo doin' wif da winnow shade??!!!   You coulda broke it!"  I ran an hid unner da edge of da bed!  Oh, mai goodness!  Mai poor little heart wuz beatin' so fast...  Minus 100 points!

Signed, Munchkin...(still shakin' a little bit)



Ciaralionhart said...

little kitty.
youll be fine...

Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

Ooooo Munchkin!! Didn't she know you were making it better??? BAD MUMMY!!! FAIL!!!

*stern look at Munchiemum*

The Island Cats said...

Your mom needs to make some improvements, doesn't she??

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Well, we think that you are a little harsh - we know that it is tough to post early, so we think your mom could try scheduling posts for the next day to make that score go up (but we think it is ok if she posts late because a lot of kitties are in different time zones anyway - we always laugh when we are visiting a kitty who is in the future, so we think some visitors probably get that with your blog too!)

And well, the minus 100 seems a bit harsh, but it also doesn't sound like it was your fault on this one. So it might be kind of a wash on that one. But really, it sounds like bad window shades to me.

Oh, and I will have your two new badges for the NKC soon - I have had nasty headaches and gotten behind. And I took everything home to work on then didn't even have a chance, so I will be doing it tonight (hopefully).

Catline Crew said...

Don't be too hard on your Mom. Our Mom didn't post for over a week and when she posts it may be late in the day.