Saturday, February 20, 2010

Quickie notice

Mom haz a noo bloggie.  Well, iz not really noo....she jus' shifted her old one into this same 'dashboard' so she can more easily cross-linkify it.

She haz sum funny stuffs in dat one, an also sum essays an sum fings she calls 'comminterrys.'

Her noo post she made today iz about da garden.  Iz outside da odder winnows in da living room.  But those are da winnows wif those scary roller-shade thingees dat attacked me oncet.

We will check out her noo bloggie, an lets you know frum time to time if der are any innersting posts in it.  For now, we will try to sneek up on da winnows and hope we no gets attacked by da roller-shade monster again.  We iz hoping fur more birdies to look at, if she puts in plants.

P.S.  Oh, an one more fing--mom wuz fixing dinner, an we smelled sumpin tasty.  It wuz shrimp.  Mom gave us each a little piece.  Mew!  We is weird kittehs, she said!  We no liked it!  Me an Tigger an Jigsaw all sniffed our shrimp an walked away.  Mom wuz furry puzzled.



Brian said...

That's okay guys, I'm not overly fond of seafoods either!

Harry Spotter said...

I don't like shrimp either. Have a good day .