Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our Beans Are in Trubble Agin!

OMC!!  Or mebee we should say, "Our beans are still in trubble." Dis iz so sad.  Mom and Dad iz furry upset at da noos on da TV.  Some fools are sayin' dat "da recesshun iz offur.."  Mom and Dad iz sayin,' "How kin WE tell??!!"  We iz gettin' further & further behinds on da bills, orderz iz not comin' in, nuffin iz sellin' in Mom's Etsy store, an we just don' know what to do!

Dad iz disabled;  da beans say dat wot you git fur a disability paymint iz a joke--but not a funny one.   Mom haz tried to find a job, but no one iz hiring in our area...or else they is gilty of what she calls "age discriminashun," or, they insist you gotta be able to speaks in Spanish too!  Mewf!  We haz been purromised dat no matter what happens, we still haz a home wif dem, but iz still furry skeery...an iz not yet meowl-o-ween, so fings not sposed to be skeery!

Dad told Mom dat she better put up da "purrleese help" thingee agin.  Mom did not wanna do it, cuz she sez it's embarrassin' to haff to ask peeps fur money.  Mom haz now reached da age where she kin apply fur her 'social seekurity' (woteffur dat iz), but she won't prolly git any munny until sumtime in Novemburr.. meanwhile, da lectrics, water, and phone iz abowt to be shut off, an da insurince gonna git cancelled...iffen dey don't make paymints by Octfurr 10th.  On top of dat, da taxes on da howse is a year past due, an now da noo bill for next year iz heer!   OMC!

So, as much as wee and mom hates, hates, hates to ask agin,  we need sum more helps from our furriends.  We know times iz bad fur effurryone, so iz dubble awful to haff to ask.

We iz usin' da Pay Pal donashun button agin.  Mom iz so embarrissed to ask.  She feels speshully bad cuz she haz been goin' so crazy tryin to write articles and stuffs to try an make sum money, dat we has not been bloggin or bisiting, and so she really did not wanna ask after such derelicshun of our bloggin dooties.

Fanks you so furry much, furriends.  We really appurrciates any helps you kin offur.  Da button iz on da top left kollum.


Au and Target said...

With you on that one. If the economy is so great, then how come people pay SLOW and prices are going UP?

Amy and The House of Cats said...

We don't understand about the economy either - if it is so great why is everyone so broke? Mom is so sad to read about you guys troubles - we wish we had some good ideas for you - we are sending over some purrs and prayers for you to have some good luck - we wish we could help more than that.

Au and Target said...

Au tweeted about your store.

de kats at talkwiththepaws.blogspot.com are selling halloween fings at http://www.etsy.com/shop/DzyMsLizzy dey're cute. less than 5 seconds ago


Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

You're in our thoughts my friends. It's such a scary time for so many.