Thursday, October 1, 2015

Interloper Update

HA!  We are having the last word!  In my last post (before Tigger stole the keyboard from me and whined about his stupid furs), I mentioned that an interloper has arrived.  We are still not happy.

Lil' Miss Fuzz seems to play with her sometimes, and sometimes, so does Nugget, but mostly, we are ready to pounce.  We are making very sure that she stays confined to the front of the house, and does not get to go into the peeps' rooms down the hallway.

In fact, we even forced mom to buy another litter box which has to be in the dining room, and mom hates that. She started out with a box there for her, and slowly moved it along until she had Shadow using the bathroom boxes, but we fixed that in a hurry! 

Now, Shadow will not use our boxes in the bathrooms, mainly because we won't let her in the hallway! So, she was doing her business on the dining room carpet, and mom was really mad.  We win!

And now, because that box is there, we use it as well, just to be sure she knows her place in this house.  Which is, of course, not in this house!  We hope mom and dad will throw her back outside.

If they carry her back to the bedrooms, she will explore a little bit, but then, one of us will come in, and make her feel like she has to get out of there, and then the rest of us are stationed all along the hall, and she has to run the gauntlet to get by all of us without getting whapped or hissed at.

If she spends all day hiding under the dining room table, that's fine with us.  Mom and dad scold us, and tell us to 'be nice,' but we don't listen.  I think I will put an ad on e-bay for a cheap cat.

Jigsaw Puzzle, Esq.

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