Friday, August 28, 2009


Mew, mew mew!!!!  It's Furrriday...we likes Furrridays, cuz the hoomans are in a good mood.  We gits extra playtime, and Furrriday is treat day.   (We iz on a diet  :-(  our vet tolds our hoomans we not sposed to have our treatsies every day anymores.   Meeeeeeooooowwwwwwwlllll! Hisssssss!!)

We hopes Patches iss ok...she had da last three days wid her shaky-twitchy sickness..  Da hoomans had to gives her extry pills.  I don't tink she likes da pills too much.  But mom, she's real slick about it...Patches gits da pill befores she can complane.  We hope she will be okay..she is da oldest kitteh in our famly.  Mom says she is 11 year old.

Dad caughts me, Jigsaw, runnings all around da short table in da liffing room... round and round... I was gitting my exerlaps in...he told mom I wuz doing 'da kitty 500.' Iz not shur what dat means...but mom and dad thot it wuz funny, so maybes I'll do it sum mores.  Hee hee.

Moms showed us sum pickchurs of kittehs in hats and sweaters, and she thot dat wuz cute.  She had da nerves to ask us if we'd like some kitteh clothes... Exxxxuuusssseeee uss???  We don't tink so!!  Grrowwrrhiss!!

We is having funs writing our bloggie.  If yous likes our bloggies, pawlese tells your furriends, and let dem know dey can follows us.  We likes getting to know odder kittehs who write blogggies...

Well, it's times for nite time playtimes and den bedtime.  We are furry nice to let da hoomans shares our big bed.  Ya tink??

Later, fuuuriends....