Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's Really Thursday!

Hai, Furriends!

   This is Tigger speakin.  Iss my turn to write da bloggie.  Today iss really truly Thursday, mom told me so!

Mom said she iss gonna pick da poma. ..pomi...(sumpin) granits offa da tree and takes dem to da kids at da dojo (whatefurr dat iss) so dey don't goes to waste on accounta she and dad no eats dem.  We kin sees dem frum da window in da beans' room.  Dey iss big red froots.  I don know why mom and dad no likes.

Well, I haz an idea fur a fun game, if any of our furriends wants to play.  It's called "what iss yur Indian name?"  Mom wuz reading sumpin and it said dat mos American Indian names were deescriptive..either of a purrson's akomplishmints, fizicul trayts, or behavyoors.

Patches' Indian name, den, I fink, would be, "Walks-Into-Walls."   Jigsaw's, I fink would be 'Thundering Paws."  MOL
I dunno for Munchkin..she haz me stumped.

Jest leave yur names on our bloggie comments, an we will all haz funs.  Iss not really a contest; der are no purrizes...but mom mite pick one she finks is best or cutest or funniest. 

Haz a good day, efurryone!

S...Tigger  ...a.k.a. "Big Beeyootiful Floofball"   Das my odder name, I fink.  (I no likes da Indian name mommy gaved me..she said it iss 'Scared-of-Shadows'  MEOWL!!)

P.S.   Here iss a linky to anodder fun thing--dis kitty blogger is Freya, and she liffs in da U.K.  and she iss collectin all da kitty bloggers on a big map of da world.


Victor Tabbycat said...

Do you know "Pepi, yur in da way"? Dat's a grate Indian name. Mine might be "Breaks into Cupboards". Or "Spins fur Treats". Nina's would haf to include purrin cuz she just LOOKS at da beans an purrs. Mom calls her "Nina Purrkitty". Is dat Indian enuf?

Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

Mine would be "pleased-by-treats" or "knocks-over-chairs" and Inigo would be "purrs-when-head-kissed" and "cuddles-like-teddybear"

Karen Jo said...

I guess mine would be "Writes Silly Rhymes".