Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We're Told Today is Thursday--and we wuz lied to by Jiggy!


  Furry's Wensdee...Jiggy played za trick on me!

   Well, hello.  Jigsaw told me I haz to share da bloggie writin.  WELL, mewf!  As if!  Here he iz, sitting up dere alla time like da king...and haz da nerve to tells us we iznt doin our share when he's hogging da spot!   We iz lucky to sneeky in oncet in a while to wrtie a post.

   Anyways, it is still furry windy today, and we still no likes it!  An da beans heerd on da TV las nite dat one of da bridges dey use to go acrost da bay got broke in all da wind.  Mom's son-in-law haz to make dat trip efuury day, so now he haz to go da long way around.. furry scary.

   So, I wants to tells you all, dat we haz fun reading effuryones bloggie, an we apurrceeate all your bisits to ours and you comments.   We is furry sorry dat our typist iz so bizzy alla time, and dosen't git to bisit as many of your bloggies as offen az she would like.  We heerd da beans talkin about orderz, and having to do extry works.  Seems dey iz allus workin, and we no gits our playtime until aftur dinner.  Humf.

   So las nite, we wuz playin in our blue cubes, me an my best buddy Tigger, and da beans was laffin at us.  We wuz hazin funs!  Next thing, tho...they starts makin fun of my furz, sayin, 'how many spots duz it take to make a stripe?'  OMC!  I finks I haz purrty furz, an I spend a lot of time grooming so I look purrfect alla time, and den to git made funs of...well, dat wuz jus too much! 

  OK..I haz had my say, I took a turn, I hope Jiggy iz happy gettin us all in trubble for nuthin.
Wishing all our furriends a furry beeyootiful and not-so-windy day.

Signed,  Munchkin


Victor Tabbycat said...

Say, Munchkin? Whoefur said it's Thursday was playin a trick on you. Is still ::yawn:: Whensday. Or in yur case, Windsday!

I fink spotty stripes is furry purty an da beans is admirin you. Like callin me a Piggie isn't sposed to be mean, rite? Rite.

Maggie May said...

Don't worry Munchkin, our mom doesn't even know what day it is cause she is out of work sick and without her calendar she is clueless, MOL!

We are sorry to hear it is still windy and that the bridge got all messed up in the wind. So not good!

We think you has beautiful furs!

Maggie May and the Creek Cats

The Island Cats said...

Munchkin, it's good to hear from you! We wish all that wind would stop!!!

That wasn't nice of them to make fun of your purrty hafta get them back now, you know!

The Kitty Krew said...

Ohhhhh, you live where that bridge got hurty? That sounded scary. We hope you all stay safe in all that wind!

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

PS - we're glad that Jiggy gave you a turn at the bloggie! :)

us4 gatos said...

that is a good picture. so sweet!!!!