Saturday, September 22, 2012

Waving Bye-Bye To Nugget....(Mom is gonna Sniffle!)

Well, just when we all got settled in, and all the fambly bosses sitchooated again, and we thot Mom and Dad wuz gonna be keeping da little Nugget guy...along comes some dude that seed him on da rescue groop's adopshun site, and wants him.


Mom is furry sads, cuz she really loves da little guy, and thot that now he's 6 months old, dat no one would want him, and she'd end up keepin him.  (Don't tell anyone, cuz we don' want Mom mad at us..but we all finks she already has plenty of kittehs in dis howse, and it will be good not to has a pesky little brat powncin' us and playin' wif our tails!)

But, she said he wuzn't s'posed to stay so long, and dunno howcome he is still here and his brofur and sisfur got snapped up right away when dey wuz all little tiny kittehs....  Anyways, we heard Mom talking on da talky-box to da rescue lady, and told her dat der will be no more fosters fur a while, on accownt of Dad has to has sum it's just us regoolars fur a while now...Dat's a good fing, don' you finks?

But I guess dat's the way da catnip spills....

Oh--nip?  Did sumone spill sum nip?  I'm on it!

Signed, Bobbie


Fuzzy Tales said...

Awww, it would be so hard to let a foster go, our human would be a total failure at that. But it's good he'll have a forever home! BTW, we were adopted when we were six months old (not together, though), and angel Chumley was an adult, estimated 2 to 3, and angel Annie was estimated to be a year. So "older" kitties definitely are wanted, at least by some! :-)

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We're sad for your mom cause we can imagine it was hard to let him go.

The Island Cats said...

Aw, we're sorry your mom is sad, but it's great that Nugget will have a furever home! We hope he will be happy.