Sunday, January 31, 2010

Easy Like Sundays are S'powsed To Be...

Hai, Furriends!

    Well, our typist is up early, so we thot we'd take advantage of dat!  She is a bit cranky, on account of she no likes gettin' up early, but had sum trubble sleepin, so got up.

    We wants to fank effurryone who voted in our poll.  You kin see da rezultz up in da corner where you voted.  Wif 10 votes, it seems da ma-joritee pretty much finks dat Tigger haz a good chance of bein' part Maine Coon cat.  He iz struttin' around all prouds.  MOL

    Mom/typist haz been furry buzy at da compooter dis weekend, but not on our bloggie so much.  She says she is about "rited-out," an' haz a bit of 'riter's block,' whateffurr dat iz!  We know she haz been typin up a lot of stuffs, an lookin up stuffs, too.   She says she's werking, but da pile on her desk neffurr seems to git any smaller, so we don' knows what she's 'werking' on at all.  We just knows if we gits up on top of da piles, we gits chased off rite qwik.

   Yawwwnnn....iz gray outside an still cold.  When duz it git warm agin, wif sunpuddles?  Time to go crawl back unner da blankies.  Haff a furry good day, furriends, an stay warm....(or cool, iffen you iz one of our upside-down furriends where iz summer now).  MOL



Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Other Blog

Hai, furriends--

    Hop, dash, trot, gallop or run offur to and sign up (it's FURREEE!!) and you can read da bloggie mom iz writin offur der!

   Heer is da linky ; (jus' click on dat unnerlined bit) to one of her articles. She is writin' offur der as "TMJP" Dat's all of our initials!  How cool iz dat??!!

  It iz a good website, wif lots of good infurrmashun, an even a vet-lady who will answer sum questions.  (An, no, mom iz not gettin' paid fur dis--iz a volunteer pawsishun.)


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thurrrsday Thoughts


If you will rememburr, dear readers, a little while back, we posted da rulez of da howse.  Alreddy, it seems, da beans haz furgot, and is in seerius violashun of 2 of da mos impawtent ones!

First, Der wuz a nice, soft cushin on da table.  Purrfect for sittin an lookin' or fur nappys.  I gots chased off, an today, mom wuz writin on it!! 

Next, an' effen worse, we finks dat da "D" word haz been put into effect:  Our bowlz iz not full alla time, and what's worse, Mom is now usin' a speshul scoop to measure how much she puts in da bowl!  As if dat wer not bad enuf, she iz now pickin up da bowlz and hidin dem in a cabnet offurrnite and after brekfist.  What iz goin' on? 


Dad called Munchkin a tubby-butt da odder day, dat's whats goin' on.  Shee iz a fatso, and needs to lose sum wate.  When she runs down da hall, her belleh swings back an forth, like her sisfur Soot's used to do.  Dat iz one thing.  but den he had da nerve to say I wuz gettin a belleh on me!!  Why, I'm a slim, active youngster!  How rude!  Meewhile, Patches iz losin' wate, an' so gits extry treats!  Meowf!

..Jigsaw Puzzle

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I iz da favrit!  I iz da favrit!  Mom said so!  She tol me right in my ear!  Hahahahaha!  Don't you odder kittehs wish you wuz me?  Hee hee hee.  ::: dancin' an' prancin' an' preenin' :::



Hold on, der, Munchkin--I iz da fafurrit!  Mom tol me so!  What kinda stories iz you tellin'??



Waitaminit!  Mom tol' me I wuz her faverite!  What's goin' on, heer??

S..Jigsaw Puzzle


Ok, you guys...I guess it takes da ol' lady seenyur cat to 'splain it to yous all.  None of you lissend furry well, did yous?  You heered jus' da part you wanted to heer!  I iz her fafurite, too.  But da part you missed fur not payin attenshin was dis:  We iz each idibiduals, an she luvs each of us da same.  So, Munchkin, you iz her 'fafurite Munchkin,' an Tigger, you iz her 'fafurite Tigger,' and Jigsaw, you iz her 'fafurite Jigsaw.'  An me, I iz her fafurite Patches.

Don't you see?  We iz each diffurrent, and we each haz our own names, so we kin each be a fafurtie in dat way, cuz mom don't know any odder kittehs named Patches or Munchkin or Jigsaw or Tigger.  Does you unnersans now?   We is all mom's fufurite kittehs.  All of us!

S.. Patches

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Easy Like Sunday,or so they say

Hai, Furriends!
    (Yaaawwwwwnn.  Streeetccccchhhhh). Oh?  Time to get up?  Already? I thot we jus went to sleep!

Mom an Dad went out las nite an left us all alones fur like haff da nite!  Dey boff put on cowboy hats an boots an left us.  We don' know where dey went, but we don finks dey went cowboyin', cuz dey dad had on der best coats, an no had muds on der shoes when dey got home.

But, dey seemed furry happy when dey got back, an we got pets an scritches, an did not get chased offa da bed.  So I guess it iss ok if dey goes out like dat sumtimes.  Dey haz been kinda grumpy lately, and today it feels better around heer.

3e4mn hjoooooooooooooooopp0sa uyadsalk           hjjjjjsaaaaaaas assssssssss gfreadsssst dsddddaywa left da compooter fur a few minits, and lookit what happened!  I guess dat's why we needs a typist--our pawsies are tooooo big to fit on da keys quite rite.  We wuz tryin to say we hopes all our furriends haz a great day!

Back to the serious business of nappin.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Tiggers Photo

Heer iz a pickchur to go wif da poll at da top of da page.  Mom wuz havin trubbles keepin Tigger frum jumpin off da couch, dat's why his back is arched a bit--he was all ready to bolt!

Here are his statistics, to go wif da pickchur:

He iz 22 inches long from da tip of hiz noze to da base of hiz tail, an hiz tail iz 15 inches long!  (Mai goodness, what a long piece of floof!)  He iz 14 inches tall at da showlder, an he weighs about 15 pounds!

Peeeyesss.... When da beans haz guests, those who see Tigger fur da furrst time, allus say, "What a beeyooteeful cat!"  What dey don't know, is, he s a beeyooteeful scaredy-cat!


Furrigid Furriday

Brrrssseeess!  Iz cold heer today.  Mom hadda turn up da heat alla way to 72 before it started to warm up da howse!  An where we live, we don't even git dat white stuff fallin' from da sky.  But dad said, "if it rains today it will snow!"  We kin watch out da winnows, an see, an still be warm an dry!  MOL

Mom's dotter said der wuz snow up on da mountain..'mount deeablo,' she said  I dunno how to spellz dat.  Dat iz not too far frum where we live, so you know iz cold.

Mom won't let me git up on da desk to see outta dat winnow, so I iz gonna nap in dad's chair.  Hee hee .. he's not home...I finks he will neffurr know! 

We iz havin trubble getting to do our bloggie, cuz mom is hoggin da compooter all day lately.  She says she's workin, but we don't see nuffin but her typin an typin.  Der are still papers all offur her desk.  What work?  We fink she is messin' wif us!

Well, anipals, we haz speshul noos...we gotted tooona last nite!  Reeel toona!   Mom wuz makin' sum fur dad's lunch, an she put sum down fur us.  Tigger was da hogggggg, tho!!  I went to get sum, an he pushed me outta da way!  Dat neffur happens!!  I run da Tigger out alla time!  Mai goodness, but I wuz so shocked!  Dad finally gave me, Munchie and Patches a bowl of our own, so I did get sum.  Munchie, she no liked it!  Did you effur hear of such a silly kitteh who no likes tooona??!!  Patches had sum, an I got sum, too.  But Tigger, mai word, he had way more dan hiz share!  Mom said, "oink, oink, Tigger!"

Well, iz time fur my nappy, so I iz gonna go sit in dad's chair, an have me sum toona dreams! 


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wordy Wendsee

Hai, Effurryone!

    Yestidee wuz s'powsed to be 'Toesday,' but mom I fink did not feel so good cuz she got no sleeps da nite before.  So she wuz lazee all day.  So, no bloggie.

    Today, she thot she wuz gonna make up fur it, and git sum new toesies pix.  Ha!  She tried an tried to get me to show my fuzzy feets fur da flashy box, but I no lets her.  Hee hee.  Effurrytime she picked up my paw, I let her hold it, only jus until she got ready to take da pickchur, den when she hadda let go to use da buttons, I put my paw right back down.. MOL  I iz a clefur and funny kitteh.

   She no haz pickchurs of my toesies, cuz I allus tucks my feets under me when I iz sleepin.  I fink she went an took anodder pickchur of da Munchkin instead, jus cuz she thot she hadda point da flashy box at one of us.  I no cares.. she didn't git my feets!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I had funs!

I had funs yestidee.  Mom wuz changing to new sheets on der bed, an I wuz helpin!  I iz a big help.  I jumps up an smooths down one side, den she comes an finks I iz not helpin,  an I get da boot.  So, I scoots unner da end of da bed, an jumps up on da odder side! MOL

Den, when she can't see me cuz da noo sheet iz in front of her face, I jumps up rite in da middle, just to be sure da bottom sheet stays flat, of course you unnerstand.  Dat makes a Munchkin-shaped lump unner da top sheet.  Very decorative, I finks.  But I gets da boot agin!  MOL

Jump down, run around, jump up, jump off, run around, jump up.... ROFMMAO!!  Fur sum reason, I no finks mom likes dis game, but iz my fafurrite one!  Dat, iz, my fafurrite after da leather strings on da stick...

Sumtimes Tigger plays dis wif me, but usuly, I have dis game all to myself.  Hee hee.

..Signed, Munchkin

Monday, January 18, 2010

Rainy Monday

Hai, Furriends!

   We hopes you all is stayin' warm an' dry!  Is furry wet an' windy here.  Da big storm da beans been saying wuz on da way iss finally heer.  We thot it wuz gray an gloomy da odder day.  Dat wuz nuthin!  Is terrible nasty out todays, an iss hard to stay warm even wif da heat going.

  An what's worse, iss mom decided she need to change da bed, so all da blankies iss off!  How iss we s'powsed to snuggle an keep warm wif no blankies??!! I don' know why beans gotta 'change beds' alla time... what's wrong wif da one dey got?  Beans iss crazy!  Now effurryone iss in a bad mood, so no cuddlepiles, cuz where else would we pile up??

 An ya know, come to fink of it, isn't dat our bed, an we iss just nice enuf to let dem share it wif us???

Signed, Tigger

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Extreeeem Lazeee Satidee


  Mom an Dad wuz furry lazee today.  Mom didn't get up until almos' 3 hours past our brekfist time, and Dad stayed in bed anodder hour after dat!  Dey finks we no can tell time, but we can!

 Den, after brekfist, we snarfed it all down reel fast... an Dad wuz cookin for der brekfist.. (mind you, dis wuz at 3 o'clock in da afternoon!).. we all acted like we wuz starvin, and Dad felt sorry, an made Mom feed us again!  MOL!!  We got TWO brekfists today!  HA!  Dat will teach dem to be late wif our meals!

Aftur dat, me an Tigger decided to run amok up an' down da hallway, and Tigger kep goin in our noo kewbs.  He wanted Mom to play the "I'm gonna git you" game.  So, dey played fur a while, den Tigger acted like it wuz not hiz idea, and wuz playin like he wuz bored.  MOL 

Dad wuz watchin a footsbal game on da TV, and mom said we could come in here and write in our bloggie.  Hee hee hee.  Is gray, and gonna rain, so time fur our nappys.

S...Jigsaw Puzzle

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rulez of Da Howse

It is time we set down sum rulez. 

1)    Da cats iz allus right.
2)    If da beans iz right, see rule #1.
3)    Cats allus haz da right-of-way.  It no matters if da 
       beans iz carryin' stuff & can't see where dey're
       goin--cats jus haz da right-of-way.
4)    Food bowlz mus stay full all day long.  Jus in case.
5)    Nappys mus not be disturbed, speshully not wif da
       flashy box!
6)    There are neffur enuf toyz.  It no matters if we no play
        wif most of dem most of da times.  Der still
        must be lots of  toyz, so if we feels like playin, da toyz
        is der.  Jus in case.  Jus like da food.
7)    Clean laundry iz fur nappy pilez.  Dirty laundry iz fur
       playin wif.
8)    Tables are not fur beans to eat at--dey iz lookout
       perches.  Get used to it!
9)    If we haz honored a bean wif our purresence in der lap,
       dey mus not get up and knock us off.  We 
       will decide when dey may get offa da couch.
10)  "Meow" means lotsa fings.  Iz up to you beans to figger
       out what, at da time.

An those are da rulez of da howse.  Are we clear?

Signed,   Jigsaw, Munchkin, Patches and Tigger

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mewvelous Monday

Hai, Furriends

..Say, I haz a great idea!  Da beans are allus grumpin' an complainin 'bout Mondays.  So I haz a good idea!  We iz furry clever kittehs, all of us on da innernets, so I finks we kin all come up wif sumpin to do on Mondays to makes our beans feel better about dat day.

Fur example, dis mornin, I wuz lookin' out thru da winnow blinds, an I wuz layin right on top of mom's jeans.  Dey wuz folded rite where I sits on da dresser thingee. So, when she went to  put dem on, dey wuz all nice an warm, an since it haz been furry cold lately, she appurrciated dat furry much.  I got extry pets an kissys, too.

What do you finks, kittehs?  Are you all wif me on dis?  Kin we do dis fur our beans?  After all, dey gives us nice furrefur homes, and good noms, and scritches in all da rite places.  I finks we kin do sumpin to helps dem not feel so bads about der Mondays.

Signed, Munchkin

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Easy Like (Rainy Gloomy) Sundee

Mom sez it iss da wedder is s'powsed to be bad, but we no likes.  Iss no sunspots to lay in.  We iss cold.  Only Tigger has big floofy furz to keep him warm.  Munchkin goes unner da blankies on da bean's bed fur her nappys.

I guess dat just makes excuses fur lots of extry nappys.  We do like nappys, so mebbee iss not all a bad fing to haz bad wedders.  MOL

Haff a happy Sundee, effurryone!

Time fur cuddlepiles!
S...Jigsaw Puzzle

Friday, January 8, 2010

Fuzzy Furriday

Mew, mew,mew!  Hee hee hee!!   Dat Munchkin iss soo funny goofy!  Yestidee, mom wuz puttin my bed back together after she washed it fur me.  It wuz all full of my furz, still dey did not come off in da wash.

Welll, mom wuz usin' da same brush dey use to get our furz off their cloze... and cleanin da brush off onto her quilt (just temporary)... and before she could pick up da pile of furz, along comes Munchie and tried to eat it!  MOL  What a silly kitteh!!

Haz you effur heard of such a goofy thing to do?  Iss not like we iss starving or nuthin...even tho we tries hard to make mom fink we iss starvin when its almost time fur brekfist or dinner.... MOL MOL!!

Well, iss glooomy an rainy outside today, an no sunspots. so I finks we iss all just gonna haff extry naps all day. 

Signed, Tigger

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wordy Wendsee

Hai, Furriends.

     You know, we furgot to put out mom's purrformance reeveiw in November.  We finks we goofed wif dat!  Mom iss not doin' so good.  She only lets us on the compooter late in da afternoon to write our bloggie, an iss so late, dat most furriends no sees it till da next day!  Dat is furry bad!  Minus 25 points!

   An, she an dad haz been fallin' down on da job big time wif our treats!  Sumpin about green papers, but dat sounds fishy, and we don't mean toona!  Minus 5 points!
Jiggy pulled a good one to reevenge dat one, da odder day!  Hee hee... mom passed out sum treats, and instead of eatin' dem, Jiggy pulled da blankie offur da top an buried his!  MOL  (I finks mebee dat's gonna backfire on him, tho.)

  Oh, an I got skeered bad da odder day.  I wuz trying to look out da winnow at da birdies, an I got attacked by da winnow cover!  I don' know what happened, but I... well...when I went on da winnowsill, an all of a sudden, der wuz dis horrible rattle-clatter-whoosh-SNAP-BANG! noise.  I fink I lost one of my lives, I wuz so skeert!  Mom came in an made it worse by yellin' at me.  She said,  "Munchkin!  What are yoo doin' wif da winnow shade??!!!   You coulda broke it!"  I ran an hid unner da edge of da bed!  Oh, mai goodness!  Mai poor little heart wuz beatin' so fast...  Minus 100 points!

Signed, Munchkin...(still shakin' a little bit)


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Patches Starts the Year on the Wrong Paw...

Well, Mai goodness!  Dis time da Patchy-cat gotted herself in trubbles--an she made our dinner late!   Mom an' Dad wuz takin' down all da decorashuns frum da holidays, an all of a sudden, Patches started runnin aroun da howse like a wild cat.  It wuz not one of her seizures, not like dat at all.. but she was jus runnin effurywhere, all excited like, and crashin into da walls an stuff, and trippin da beans.

Finally, Mom hadda shut her up in da baffroom, so she wouldn't get hurt on sumpin, or make her or Dad fall an get hurt.  Well, it wuz almos our dinner time when all dis happened, so when da beans got stuffs put away, an fixed their dinner, Mom went to da baffroom to get ours--cuz da only closet big enuf for our big bag of dry crunchies iz in da baffroom. 

But, when Mom opened da baffroom door, she foun' out Patches had peed all offur da middle of da floor, and was still prancin' and pacin' around...rite thru her puddle!  An she wuz slippin' an fallin in it, too!  Ewww!  So, Mom shut da door back up, an left Patches in der while she an Dad had their dinner.  Then, Mom hadda put Patches into da tub an close da shower door while she cleaned up da floor.

You know what's comin' next, don' you?  Yep.  Patchy-cat got a baff!  She wuz all wet an stinky, an Mom couldn't let her out to track around on da carpets.  She no likes she wuz growlin sumpin awful.  But da beans finally got her pretty well dried off, and den we finally got to haff our dinner. 

We iz gonna tell Patches what for later on when we gets her alone...probly after da beans go to bed an fall asleep.  We iz gonna put da paw-slap on her!!  She iz a bad kitteh!

Signed, Tigger and Munchkin

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Noo Year, Same Stuffs! MOL

Heer it is a bran' noo year, and Munchkin iss up to her old tricks!  Mom heered a funny crinkly noise, an went lookin.  Der wuz Munchie in da hallway wif sum papers.  She wuz puttin da bitey on dem, and carryin' dem all offur da howse.

Mom got closer, and found out Munchkin had raided da wastebasket, an tooken out 2 of da sticky papers da beans use to get our furz off their cloze.  (We leaves dem nice sooveneers to remember us when dey leaves da howse, and dey brush dem all off!  Mewf!)

Dat Munchie, she loves sticky papers.  She allus gettin into da wastepaper lookin fur sticky or crinkly papers.  Today, she hit da jackpot, an got 2 at oncet!  Mai goodness, she iss a silly kitteh!  Iss ok, tho, cuz she takes care of anodder problem us kittehs haz.

Mom no wants us to scratch on her furnichur, so she puts dis sticky tape stuffs all offur where we likes to scratch.  Pretty soon, Munchie comes along, an licks off all da sticky parts, so it no sticks to our feets, an den we kin scratch all we wants!  MOL  (Mom iss not laffin!)

Munchkin iss our hero!  ROFMMAO!

S...Jigsaw Puzzle